Park Slope United DIGITAL SUMMER will be a daily camp offering from 9AM-11AM*, Monday through Friday, hosted by our own staff and coaches. 

Camp will consist of games that can be done anywhere including your living room, fitness exercises, team challenges, activities, giveaways and more!

Kids will be able to hang out digitally with teammates and other players to compete, play and challenge each other.

This Digital Summer Camp program is designed to not only provide structure to a player's daily schedule, similar to summer camps in the past, but to also continue a player's development during a time where space and teammates are limited. 


The summer camp program will improve players overall skills, agility, fitness, while being fun, engaging and exciting!

Don't miss out on Summer Camp just because we cannot be on the field together. Grab your soccer ball and whatever device you want to connect with, and let's play!

*The PSU Tot Footy Digital Camp runs from 9-10AM

Park Slope United has partnered with a new platform, Famer, to allow our coaches to share drills, plays, and workouts with our athletes through Famer’s mobile app. Famer allows for personalized training curriculums to be shared digitally on a 1-to-1 level. 


Famer is an additional touchpoint for how Park Slope United will train going forward. Athletes will have a training curriculum to practice at home, as well as a chat feature with their coach to guide them step-by-step in their progression. All athletes will receive access to the Famer app.


We are committed to giving our athletes the best tools to develop their skill set and we will do this with Famer.


To sign up for Famer ONE,  please follow the below steps:

  1. Download Famer in the App Store or Google Play Store from your cell phone

  2. Click “Sign In”

  3. Enter your phone number and you will receive a confirmation code SMS

  4. Enter the SMS code in the appropriate space

  5. Create your player card 

  6. Search and select Famer Soccer and Famer One

  7. Select your coach

  8. Your coach will receive your request and accept you as an athlete

  9. Check if you have any assigned workouts this week in your schedule 

  10. Enter a workout and begin your training

*Your first week of Famer ONE is free! Your credit card will be charged on the 7th day.

About Famer: Famer was launched in 2019 as the first coaching and mentorship platform to enable personalized training programs and interactive feedback between athletes, their coaches, and sports clubs. Famer provides easy access to affordable personal coaching to all young athletes and helps them realize their full potential both on and off the field through advanced technologies.