Youth Soccer Programs in NYC


Youth soccer programs nyc


PSU’s Soccer Camps provide kids a fun and educational soccer experience that not only teaches them skills, but also grows their love for the Beautiful Game! (Ages 3 to 13) 

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The PSU Dev Program is a great way to explore and build a lifelong love of soccer. We offer convenient weekday and weekend classes and weekend league play that teach the fundamentals through fun, game-based exercises and scrimmages.
(Ages 5 to 10)

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Endless Soccer Programs For Kids Of All Ages



Tot Footy teaches kids the fundamental soccer techniques in a fun way, while gaining a love for the game.


At a young age we know that kids engage through stories, and connecting with the ball, their coach, and new friends.  (Ages 2 to 5)

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PSU’s Travel Program offers maximum soccer and personal development through a cohesive team environment, comprehensive soccer training and the support of the parent and coach community. (Ages 7 to 13)

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PSU’s Girls Program provides girls with the same fun, challenging and cohesive soccer experience as the Boys.  Develop a love of the game at Girls Developmental Classes or compete alongside your friends on a Girls Travel Team. (Ages 5 to 12)

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PSU’s Select League is a team-based program that offers the soccer development and teamwork of a travel team, but without the same high level of commitment! (Ages 5 to 12)

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PSU’s Soccer Lab provides high level personalized instruction, teaching the technical details of the game in a fun and creative format.

(Players ages 8 to 18)


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Safe transportation for kids participating in on a travel team our select league teams.

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, coaches will pick up players from their school and walk them to their next class. 

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What Will You Discover At Park Slope United Programs?

Youth Soccer Programs in NYC And Brooklyn
Have you hunted for soccer programs for children in Brooklyn or NYC? Park Slope United offers a number of youth soccer programs for boys and girls this summer. Most of these programs continue throughout the year on an ongoing enrollment basis. Coaches include both full-time soccer players and trained educators. Children as young as toddlers gain an introduction to the sport of soccer through the wide variety of sports programs offered through Park Slope United. Discover an unbelievable variety of soccer-related classes and developmental labs in the Brooklyn and greater NYC area! Soccer: A Popular Sports Activity
Today, soccer ranks as one of the world's most popular sports. Professional soccer matches attract extensive media attention in many nations. Millions of viewers around the globe watch events like the FIFA World Cup matches with keen interest. In many places, soccer carries the prestige accorded to football in most of the United States. The PSU youth soccer programs give young players the chance to acquire skills in this popular game. Participants also enjoy exercise with peers. Consider giving your child the opportunity to develop skills in an exciting, highly competitive sport!

Who Are These Soccer Programs For?

Find Youth Soccer Programs For Children of Every Age
Park slope United provides one of the most diverse soccer schools in NYC. It offers personal soccer training in Brooklyn. The wide variety of programs available for young people through PSU currently include:
● Soccer Camps for ages 3-13 ● Tot Footy for ages 2-5 ● Developmental Programs for ages 5-10 ● Select League for ages 5-12 ● Girls Program for ages 5-12 ● PSU Travel Program for ages 7-13 ● PSU Soccer Lab for ages 8-18 ● PSU After School Pickup for school aged children.

Why Are These Soccer Camps Important?

Ensure Your Child Obtains Physical Exercise in NYC Soccer Programs
Today, soccer programs inspire many young people to pursue physical exercise. Some youngsters in NYC spend too much time sitting in front of computer screens or TVs rather than running outdoors in the fresh air. As a field sport, soccer involves a lot of jumping, running, kicking, and movement. Youth soccer programs help children develop better agility and muscle strength.
Enroll in a Park Slope United Soccer Programs
To enroll your child in one of these youth soccer programs, call 347-301-9613. Some programs offer partial scholarships to assist families in enrolling their young children in soccer training.