PSU Hoops 2020 fall season has been postponed due to COVID restrictions and safety. Find our coaches at JJ Byrne Playground this season for small group/private training! Contact Coach Peter at coachpeter@parkslopeunited.com for details! 

Stay safe and healthy, and see you in 2021!

-Sept 2020



Welcome to PSU Hoops!

If you’re new to PSU, welcome to the largest sports family in Brooklyn! Here, you are free to grow your love for the game, thrive, and succeed!


In seven quick years, we’ve shown that teaching soccer the right way can set a player up for success on and off the field. As we enter a new decade, we are excited to announce that PSU will be stepping foot onto the hardwood, bringing along the values that have forged our path since Day 1 — Community, Integrity, and Excellence. 


We hope you will be there to join us in this new adventure! The PSU philosophy has been adapted to develop our brand new Hoops curriculum. We’ve also brought on coaches who are able to create incredible learning environments. Our new Hoopers will be taught how to see the game and make decisions efficiently, while developing chemistry and teamwork with one another. 

Above all, we’ll be here for our new Hoopers as they grow as athletes and ambassadors from Brooklyn, New York City.


Lastly, thank you to Executive Director, Nate Bell, for believing that having PSU Hoops would do right by the community. I’m personally grateful for the trust, support, and mentorship I have received from Nate, James, Kempy, Sambie, and the rest of the crew everyday.


On three, UNITED! 1… 2… 3…


See you in January!

Coach Pete

Learn New Skills And Have Fun At Our Basketball Camps


Summer Camp 2020 will be held at Park Slope Playground (MS282). Register now!

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Our Roots program coaches through four unique environments that ensure boys and girls ages 6-13 learn and gain a feel for the game.

Brooklyn basketball camps

Our Tot Hoops program provides our youngest Hoopers (ages 3-5) the earliest opportunity to build fundamental basketball techniques through fun and imaginative games originated at PSU.

The Best Youth Basketball Programs In Brooklyn

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Peter Panousopoulos joins PSU with a wealth of basketball coaching experience, having volunteered throughout New York City since 2006. He credits his love and knowledge of the game to being under the lifelong tutelage of his father, John, Marco Palacios, and Pascual Sim; and commends his experiences during his youth, Bishop Ford High School, and Baruch College — which served as his ‘home campus’ while at CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College.

During his academic career, Peter remained involved in youth basketball mainly as a skills development coach. After earning his degree in cognitive neuroscience, he achieved his first head coaching position in 2013 with Sunset Hoops, guiding future collegiate athletes in a league sponsored by the Brooklyn Nets. He and his father had the opportunity to coach together at St. Athanasius CYO the following season, where they remained through 2017. He has also continued playing, most recently winning the NY Lawyers League and earning MVP in 2018.


With an ambition to spur Brooklyn forward through basketball, PSU’s new Director of Hoops will begin establishing our roots on the hardwood in 2020.

Why Trust Us to Teach Your Child About Basketball?

If you have a child in Brooklyn who is interested in a specific sport should have opportunities to learn about that sport and grow in the talent that they have when it comes to playing that sport. Whether you are looking to get your child in Brooklyn enrolled in soccer camp in NYC or you are looking to get your child into youth basketball program, you should figure out the best options for helping your child learn about the sport that they love. We offer basketball camps and basketball leagues so that your basketball fan can grow in their love for and knowledge of the sport. Brooklyn, NY children start to learn about basketball when they are still very young, and Park Slope United HOOPS offer youth basketball opportunities for Brooklyn children who have not even started school yet. We have a toddler basketball program - Tot HOOPS - that can help your little one learn about basketball and how the game is played. We know that even young children can enjoy playing basketball, and we make our toddler basketball program both fun and educational. If you are looking for a summer basketball camp that is appropriate for your little one, consider our Tot HOOPS program.

What Skills Will My Child Learn?

If you want your child to get a basic understanding of basketball, no matter their age, we have youth basketball programs to help with that. At Park Slope United Hoops we help instill in your child the fundamentals and the groundwork for their basketball skills evolution through PSU’s new hoops curriculum. With some of the best coaches in Brooklyn teaching and playing at Park Slope United, you can trust us that your child is being coached by professionals that live basketball. Both boys and girls in Brooklyn should have the opportunity to learn about basketball, and we have basketball programs available for both boys and girls. Both boys and girls should have fun while learning about the sport, and we work to keep our summer basketball camps fun and educational. If you are looking for a summer basketball camp that your child will enjoy, consider the youth basketball opportunities that we offer. If you want your child to have something to look forward to in the summer, consider the fun that can be had at our summer basketball camp opportunities. If you want your child to make friends with other kids who enjoy basketball just like they do, our basketball camps and basketball leagues give them the opportunity to do that. If you want your NYC child to grow more passionate about basketball by spending time with other kids who love the sport, consider our basketball classes. We can help your NYC child unite with other NYC children who are interested in being part of the youth basketball world. We can give your child NYC basketball camps where they can get together with kids who have interests similar to theirs and make friends with them.

What Makes PSU Special?

You want your child to be working with adults who are passionate about youth basketball. Our entire team that keeps our NYC basketball camps going is made up of people who care about the sport of basketball and who love to help children grow. Those who lead our NYC basketball classes are passionate about youth basketball and they get joy out of teaching children like yours. When you bring your child to one of our basketball camps, you will see that we care about children and that we care about the sport of basketball. It takes a lot of hard work for a child to be a part of NYC youth basketball teams and basketball leagues. We understand the work that your child must do if they would like to be on one of the youth basketball teams that are out there. We will push your child and help them to learn to put their all into the basketball playing that they do. We will help to prepare your child for basketball leagues and all of the effort that they will have to put in while being a part of one of those. If you are looking for those who will push your child to be their best so that they can be a positive addition to the basketball leagues that are out there, trust us to do that. We know what it takes to get children onto Brooklyn, NY basketball leagues.nd press "Manage Questions" button.