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Girls Soccer in NYC

The Park Slope United Girls Program provides the girls in our program a fun and specialized training experience. We love the commitment, team spirit, and soccer development that the girls in our program have made.

Our Girls Program offers Developmental Classes for girls ages 6-8 that teaches them the fundamentals of soccer in a fun and progressive way, while preparing them to play on our Girls travel teams. These classes are a good complement to weekend gameplay with our Developmental League.

Fun & Specialized Training For Young Girls

Our oldest Girls Travel Team is composed of girls born in 2009, and we will form a Girls travel team at U9 (nine years old and younger) for each generation below 2009 (for example born in 2010. 2011, 2012, etc).

Our policy is to hold informal tryouts on a rolling basis, whereby we invite players one by one to participate in practice with a team in their age group. This way the players get a feel of the team and the coaching style, while we get more accurate info on the way the kid plays, interacts with teammates and receives instruction.

Girls Developmental Program


Park Slope United is committed to providing the best soccer classes in NYC. The girls developmental program is an excellent option for children aged three to nine, hoping to attend the best soccer school in Brooklyn. This is the perfect age to enhance a youngster's love for the beautiful game. We have some of the best coaches in Brooklyn that lead these classes and are committed to making sure that this program is the foundation for our players' promising soccer endeavors. 

Learn more about the Developmental Program's philosophy here.

Fall 2020 Girls Developmental Schedule

Girls AGES 5-6 (2014/2015)


MONDAYS @Ballfields from 4:00pm-5:00 pm (10 weeks)

Sept. 14, 21, 28

Oct. 5,12,19,26

Nov. 2,9,16​

WEDNESDAYS @Ballfields from 4:00pm-5:00 pm (10 weeks)

Sept. 9,16,23,30

Oct. 7,14,21,28

Nov. 4,11


Girls AGES 6-8 (2012/2013/2014)

TUESDAYS @Ballfields from 4:00pm-5:00 pm (10 weeks)

Sept. 8, 15,22,29

Oct. 6,13,20,27

Nov. 3,10

FRIDAYS @Ballfields from 4:00pm-5:00 pm (10 weeks)

Sept. 11,18,25

Oct. 2,9,16,23,30

Nov. 6, 13

Select League Program


The Select League’s main goal is to provide a fun and competitive environment that will allow our players to learn and develop in a team, equal to the level of many travel programs, without the larger commitments that travel soccer can bring. Our coaches help those that are motivated to take their soccer to the next level reach their goal, and also understand those that are content with playing competitive soccer as a hobby amongst other hobbies.


While in the process, our coaches and staff aim to teach players the many life lessons that come with sport, such as teamwork and sportsmanship, qualities that we place a big importance on at PSU.

Learn more about the Select League's philosophy here.

Fall 2020 Girls Select Team (Germany 2013) Schedule


WEDNESDAYS @Ballfields from 4:00pm-5:00 pm (10 weeks)

Sept. 9,16,23,30

Oct. 7,14,21,28

Nov. 4,11 


FRIDAYS @Ballfields from 4:00pm-5:00 pm (10 weeks)

Sept. 11,18,25

Oct. 2,9,16,23,30

Nov. 6, 13


Sundays @TBA from TBA (10 weeks)

Girls Travel Program


PSU's Girls Travel Program is for players who have played in a team for a few years and have a real passion for soccer. Participation on a travel team is contingent upon participating in an informal tryout (participating in a PSU practice) and approval by Director of the Girls Program, Celia Balf. 

Our travel teams practice 2 times per week plus an optional ballwork session and an optional mixed-age pickup session each week in the fall, winter, and spring. Our teams play weekend games in a travel league in the fall and spring, and select tournaments during the winter. In order to join a travel team, a player must commit for all three seasons in a given year (fall, winter, and spring.)

Learn more about PSU's Travel Program's philosophy here


If you're interested in joining the PSU Girls Travel program and are curious what the full 2020/2021 Girls Travel Schedule looks like, you can find it here! 

Get Involved With Our Girls Soccer Leagues in Brooklyn

If you are interested in learning more, email Girls Program Director, Celia Balf,  at

Park Slope United Girls Program

Park Slope United youth soccer programs in NYC and Brooklyn include a girls soccer program and girls soccer leagues as well as other interesting endeavors that benefit girls soccer.


The PSU Girls Program provides girls with the same fun and challenging soccer experiences as the boys. They will develop the love and the specialized skills of playing girls soccer and being part of girls’ soccer leagues. Informal tryouts are held in Brooklyn where players are invited one by one to take part in a practice of a girl soccer team in her age group. That way the girls get a feel of the coaching style and the girl soccer teams, while the staff gets a more accurate idea of the way the girl receives instruction, plays in a girls soccer program, if she appears to have the necessary commitment for girls soccer, and how she interacts with girls soccer teammates and the team spirit of Park Slope United. We also offer travel soccer teams in NYC for girls to be a part of.