Our most popular program at PSU!

Soccer Schools in NYC

The Park Slope United Developmental Program is a great way to begin a lifelong love of soccer. 

We offer classes from U3 to U9 that teach the fundamentals through fun, game-based exercises. Through these classes players will build a connection to the ball, their coaches, the other players, and the possibilities for growth and mastery found within the sport of soccer. Most importantly, kids leave the class feeling good about themselves. 

These classes are the first step in the Park Slope United structure, and prepare players to join the Travel Program or the Girls Program. Those players who already have a love of soccer and are looking to one day be selected into a PSU Travel Team are encouraged to do two or more Developmental Classes per week, as well as play in our Creativity League on the weekend.


Fun & Thorough Soccer Classes


We believe that everyone should have access to a top-class soccer program so we make sure to offer partial scholarships to any family in need. Reach out if you believe that you could use this support.


1st Developmental Class per week (e.g. Mondays) -- $35 per class for an 8-12 week season 

2nd Developmental Class per week (e.g. Tuesdays in addition to Mondays) -- Half off for an 8-12 week season

A Great Way To Begin A Lifelong Love Of Soccer

It is recommended for kids who already have a love for the game and aspire to one day be selected into a PSU Travel Team to participate in two Developmental Class per week. In order to access the reduced rate for the 2nd class, please click "pay by check" when checking out. The club will apply the discount and then you'll receive an email notifying you. Then, you can complete the registration at the reduced rate. 

If you are interested in trying out for a Park Slope United Developmental Program, 

email the Developmental Program Director, Coach Shaq at


Park Slope United Developmental Program

Park Slope United is committed to providing the best soccer classes in NYC. The developmental program is an excellent option for children aged three to nine, hoping to attend the best soccer school in Brooklyn. This is the perfect age to enhance a youngster's love for the beautiful game.


Before their tenth birthdays, kids all around NYC are just starting to kick a ball around with their friends. From backyards to back alleys, more and more children can be seen with a soccer ball at their feet. This constant informal play is where they develop their love for the game. The next step is to further polish their skills with professional training. This is where soccer schools come in.


Park Slope United, located right in Brooklyn, offers countless youth soccer classes. The developmental program is the most popular, and for good reason. It is in these soccer classes that the athletes become serious about their participation in the beautiful game. It is the bridge between casual backyard kick-arounds and a future in competitive soccer.


Park Slope United's coaches are experts in soccer and youth development. They know just the training exercises to improve young players. Every player receives feedback and help tailored to their specific needs throughout the duration of a program. With skilled-based drills designed to increase on-field awareness, your little one will start their trek towards being one of the future soccer stars of NYC.


Soccer schools are not all about training and the development of skills. The best youth soccer classes should also be fun. This is another area where Park Slope United in NYC excels. The goal is that your child becomes infatuated with the beautiful game. The only way to do that is by making each session as fun as it is useful. The idea is for the children in the soccer classes to be among the happiest kids in Brooklyn during every session.


Why is it such a good thing for your child to develop their love for soccer? Youth sports are an excellent way to keep children out of trouble and engaged in productive activity. Soccer instills young players with a sense of companionship and teamwork. Soccer schools help with this development.


Park Slope United is one of the premier soccer clubs in NYC. Located right in Brooklyn, the club could be the center of your kid's soccer life for their entire childhood. With its focus on skills and growth as a player, Park Slope United's development program is undoubtedly among the best soccer schools in NYC.