Our most popular program at PSU!

If you are interested in trying out for a Park Slope United Select League, email the Select League Program Director, Coach James at


One or a few of the following…

  • Kids who love the game but haven’t had as much playing experience, and want to take a step up from recreational soccer

  • Kids who have partake in other extra curricular activities and want to play soccer with less commitment

  • Kids who are motivated to keep working hard at their skills to potentially join a PSU travel team in the future

  • Families who momentarily aren’t able to meet the commitments of travel soccer and want a local soccer experience

  • Families and kids who want to be a part of the PSU family and community



The Select League’s main goal is to provide a fun and competitive environment that will allow our players to learn and develop in a team, equal to the level of many travel programs, without the larger commitments that travel soccer can bring. Our coaches help those that are motivated to take their soccer to the next level reach their goal, and also understand those that are content with playing competitive soccer as a hobby amongst other hobbies. While in the process, our coaches and staff aim to teach players the many life lessons that come with sport, such as teamwork and sportsmanship, qualities that we place a big importance on at PSU.


Winning is not the main focus in this program. We allow our players to take risks, solve their own soccer problems and express their own ability without fear of reprimand. As our players grow older, program rules and league details like competing for playing time, seriousness and intensity of games, commitment, and expectations change to what is developmentally appropriate for each age group.

Select League Teams practice Wednesday and Friday afternoons and play internal games with their coach in a Developmental League format until the Spring of U7/U8, where they begin to play against other Select Tams in a group stage league format.


Registration is available for a single season (fall, winter or spring), a double season (fall and winter, fall and spring or winter and spring), or a triple season (fall, winter and spring). Costs are deducted with more commitment to ensure that teams generally stay the same from season to season.


Teams are formed based on skill, age and size, and players can be bumped up or down an age group at the end of each season based on what is deemed as most developmentally appropriate.


10-12 players of each age group starting at U7 are selected for a mid season and end of the season tournament based on their general ability, hard work, sportsmanship and attendance at practices and games. These tournaments are a way to reward those who have the desire to take their game to the next level.



The idea for the addition of the PSU Developmental Teams came out of PSU Director Nathan Bell's study visit to the academies of FC Barcelona and Espanyol in Spain.

At Espanyol and Barcelona he watched their soccer schools in action, each club offering a developmental team experience in which players practiced twice per week with their coaches, and played games on the weekends against other teams from their own soccer schools. Games were officiated by each club's coaches, and scores were not kept. The focus was on delivering the same curriculum and high-level training to the players in the school as they provided their top players in their academies. Additionally, they aimed to develop a deeper community of players who, depending on their development and the needs of their academy teams, could be called upon to join an academy team.


Offering a developmental team experience also fits with Director Nathan Bell's experience having been a head coach of a Division 3 men's college program, as well as the lead assistant and recruiting coordinator for a Division 1 men's program. He experienced two different athlete experiences, each equally valid. 


In NCAA Division 3 programs, rules limit training to the fall and spring, and all competition to the fall. The emphasis in Division 3 athletics is finding a balance between sports, academics, and the student experience, often involving studying abroad. 


In Division 1 rules permit training whenever school is in session, with the emphasis being on maximum player development with the aim towards playing professionally after college. 

If you are interested in trying out for a Park Slope United Select League, email the Director of Select League, Coach James at