Our most popular program at PSU!


PSU is proud of our new Developmental Soccer League which is open to players in the U6, U7, U8, and U9 age groups. 

We saw a need for this league to provide players with a fun and safe league to play their first games, while learning from our professional coaches. We were unsatisfied with the experience provided by volunteer parent coaches in the recreational leagues to which we previously directed our kids. This league grew out of a desire to provide the maximum development to the U6, U7, U8, and U9 players in our Developmental Classes, but is also open to players who have not previously participated with PSU. Ideally, players sign up for one or two Developmental Classes per week to learn the fundamentals of the game, and try out what they are learning each week at our Developmental league.

All players come to the field with a ball and their uniform (green and white reversible jersey--see below). The coaches lead the group in a skills warm-up that involves each player learning new ways to manipulate the ball. For the final 40 minutes the coaches divide the players into teams to play 4v4 (one team on each field is green and one team is white).

Each team is led by one of the professional PSU coaches, who also coach in our Travel Program and our Developmental Classes. The focus at this age is on being empowered to try moves, gain confidence dribbling the ball and seeing the opportunities to be creative. 


We believe that it is important that kids at these young ages get the consistency of playing with players they know, while having a varied game experience, playing with and against new kids.



Developmental League registration fee:

  • $30 per game for a 10-12 week season (if not registered for a developmental class)

  • $20 per game for a 10-12 week season (if registered for 1 developmental class) 

  • $15 per game for a 10-12 week season (if registered for 2 developmental classes)



Our program is ideally designed for players to learn the fundamentals in Developmental Class, while trying out these new skills in our Developmental League.


In order to access the reduced rate for those players participating in the Developmental League as well as Developmental Classes, please click "pay by check" when checking out. The club will apply the discount and then you'll receive an email notifying you. Then, you can complete the registration at the reduced rate. 


All participants are expected to purchase a PSU Developmental League jersey through our Clubhouse (260 Jefferson Ave).

Reach out to Coach Shaq at with any questions about the program!