FOR AGES 2 - 5


Our Tot Footy program is specifically for age groups 2-5. We put together a program and curriculum for this particular age group, which is built on teaching the fundamentals through fun, imagination, and making connections with friends and the coach. 

The Director of this program is Coach Ayinde George. If you have any further questions please contact him at 

Soccer Classes For Toddlers In NYC

Make Friends & Have Fun At Our Toddler Soccer Classes


Kaleb Moreau (“Coach K”) is currently serving as PSU’s Director of Curriculum.

Coach K has 10 years of diverse coaching experience, spanning from toddlers to D3 college soccer as an Assistant Coach to Coach Nathan Bell. Kaleb coached during the founding years of Park Slope United starting in 2012, and has kept close ties to the organization ever since.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Ithaca College, a Master’s in Sports Administration from Farleigh Dickinson University, and currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota while he pursues his second Master’s with a dual licensure in Physical Education and Health.

Coach K specializes in fun-based games that teach foundational skills and promote creativity and development. His high energy and extensive library of games engages kids to actively play, learn, and move.

The Best Toddler Soccer Program Around

The Director of this program is Coach Ayinde George. If you have any further questions please contact him at 

When Should You Introduce Sports To Your Child?

It is never too early for a child to fall in love with the beautiful game. By signing your child up for Park Slope United's Tot Footy camp, you can get your child outside enjoying a sport they can play for the rest of their lives. Soccer classes for toddlers are all about teaching the basics and fundamentals, while garnering a love for the game through fun activities. This toddler soccer program right in Prospect Park, Brooklyn is your best option for toddler soccer in NYC. Summers in NYC are perfect for playing soccer, and toddler soccer is no exception. The coaches here are experts in soccer classes for toddlers and will ensure your child is happy and having fun while gaining an affinity with soccer. What this camp, located right in NYC, understands better than others is that toddler soccer must be fun. The coaches know just how to spark enthusiasm for the game. This is not going to be some sort of intensive camp. These are soccer classes for toddlers, and keeping the kids entertained will always be the top priority.

What Will Your Child Learn At PSU?

Your child will leave Park Slope United a much better soccer player. Coaches will use their expertise to teach the children basic skills. The goal is to begin raising the next generation of soccer stars for NYC right here in Brooklyn. There is overwhelming evidence that sports make a significant positive impact on the life of a child. Soccer is no exception. Sports are good for the body, keeping children healthy and happy. They also provide many social and mental benefits. Young athletes learn to cooperate with each other to accomplish a common task, and some will even become leaders.

How Will My Child Benefit From A Soccer Camp?

All of these benefits will be nurtured as part of these soccer classes for toddlers. The goal is for our soccer Prospect Park to be a type of kindergarten for future athletes. Your child will learn to do much more than just kick a ball during their time playing toddler soccer. They will also take their first steps toward being better, stronger people. So, if you've been considering signing your child up for a summer camp, look no farther than Park Slope United's soccer classes for toddlers. There is no better option for keeping your kid happy and healthy in NYC. They will certainly finish the camp cheerier than ever and will cultivate a love of soccer that will make their futures brighter. With soccer classes for toddlers, you can't go wrong.